Homestead contentReducing the numbers of street children by 90%, the Homestead supports and educates vulnerable kids to give them a real chance at a successful future.

For the street children who are now employed or run their own businesses, the Homestead has given them a real chance at a successful life. Established in 1982, the Homestead provides street outreach, drop in centres, shelters and residential care to vulnerable children who live, work and beg on the streets of Cape Town. Since then, the Homestead has reduced numbers by 90%, by offering a comprehensive set of intervention, stabilisation, healing, educational and development support services to ensure vulnerable children stay with their families, return to school and do not move onto the street.

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With the funds raised The Homestead is able to support street children to get off the streets by empowering them with skills and education to be employable.  Get a Free MySchool card today.

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Each year, the Homestead supports 160 street children to get off the streets. Every week it helps support more than 500 children to stay off the streets through Early Intervention Projects, and 90 boys are supported every day in its residential care facilities. In the past, very few street children have been able to attend formal schooling, with even less achieving higher than primary school level. Today, over 55% of the Homestead shelter boys now attend formal school and 100% of the youth in its transitional program attend school.


Committed to its vision of empowering children’s lives, the Homestead works hard to find practical solutions for each individual child, no matter the child’s ability or how long it takes. For instance one of its lowest functioning boys, diagnosed with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, now has a full time job at a nursery. Another youth runs his own swimming academy, while another, who spent many years on the street and then at the Homestead, now works as an executive pastry chef at a prestigious Hotel in Durban. 


Success for the Homestead is not just about reducing the number of children on the street, it’s about stabilising children away from street life, and healing, developing and educating them towards an empowered future.  

The Homestead provides Street Outreach and a Drop-In Centre for children living on the street; a modern therapeutic Shelter for 65 street children so they can stabilise away from street life; a Transitional Residential Project, for 25 youth preparing to leave care; and four Prevention and Early Intervention Projects in street children’s communities of origin in Valhalla Park, Mannenberg, Town Two and Site C in Khayelitsha.