Woodrock contentRescuing abused and neglected donkeys, Woodrock Animal Rescue gives its four-legged friends new pastures and lives of peace, pampering and love.

Well known for its rescue and rehabilitation of dogs and cats, the Woodrock Animal Rescue team holds a special place in its heart for its donkeys. Since one cold night nine years ago, founders Stella and Nicholas opened their doors to these four-legged friends, after being called to rescue a pack of donkeys in dire need. Left to survive on puddles of rain water with no grass or hay in sight, the neglected donkeys were huddled together, miserable and terrified.

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Once they’d rescued the emaciated and dehydrated donkeys, and safely transported them back to the farm, the rehabilitation journey began. Vet checks confirmed a stunning surprise, when they discovered that all three Jenny's (female donkeys) were pregnant.

The surprise foals were such a joy, and one such mischievous foal crept into the hearts and minds of all that met her. Bella was a character of note - the belle-of-the ball, with her luscious golden locks and fluttery long eyelashes. Particularly smart and all-round captivating, Bella’s favourite trick was to 'trick' the farm gate sensors, so that she could sneak into the forbidden fields where the grass was that much sweeter. Sadly in December of 2017 Bella was called to her next adventure in the great pastures of heaven, much to the devastation of Woodrock friends and family, and she was buried in her favourite grazing fields.


Stella and Nicholas have a deep love for these often overlooked, yet extremely intelligent and lovable donkeys. 'Donkeys are a highly underestimated animal,' says Nicholas, 'they have incredibly high intelligence, a surprisingly formidable memory, and a wonderful sense of humour. Years ago I made a secret promise to myself: if ever I was to open a rescue shelter, I would make it my mission to rescue and rehabilitate neglected and abused donkeys.'

With its mission of ‘action not words’ Woodrock’s ‘save the donkey’ project ensures that its donkeys now enjoy a life of peace, happiness, pampering and love. As well as providing rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of vulnerable animals, Woodrock is the voice for the voiceless and strives to educate local communities on the humane treatment of animals.