Cape Town children learn all about conservation through exciting holiday programmes that focus on growing nature-loving kids of the future.

Learning to love their environment, Cape Town children enjoyed a 4-day nature holiday programme, thanks to the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (CTEET) and MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet funds.

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During the June/July holidays, CTEET hosted ‘Changing Lives Through Nature’ campaign to introduce kids to the wonders of nature. The programme for children from the surrounding Grassy Park Area on the Cape Flats, was aimed at teaching them about important environmental topics in a fun and interactive way.

Children learnt about the dangers of poaching in the ‘animals vs poachers game’ and discovered some of Cape Town’s amazing biodiversity during a snake show and while exploring local animals’ homes. Craft time made use of waste items to create animals with special features for protection from poachers. The children were also shown how to play a number of indigenous games and were able to make their own ‘Ncuva’ boards.

On Mandela Day, everyone spent time learning about alien invasive species, their threats to local plants and animals and why we need to protect our nature. To put teaching into action with their 67 minutes, they got stuck in to clearing invasive species from Rondevlei Nature Reserve, alongside the CTEET camp facilities in Zeekoevlei. The CTEET believes that all children should experience Cape Town’s very special nature and that without a nature-loving generation, there is no hope of saving our biodiversity.  Through environmental camps and programmes that are designed to excite, enrich and change the lives of Cape Town’s children, CTEET is helping light the spark of passion for the environment.

For more information of CTEET’s campaign visit: www.changinglivesthroughnature.co.za or their Facebook Page: Changing Lives Through Nature

Writer credentials: Helen Whelan, Media & Fundraising Coordinator