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The power of non-verbal activities with horses is changing the lives of people attending equine therapy programmes run by the Equinox Trust.

For people who attend empowerment programmes run by the Equinox Trust, equine assisted therapy is helping change lives.  By interacting with horses, clients take part in ground-based activities that help give them insights into their real-life experiences. 

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Horses respond to non-verbal behaviour. As humans interact with them, they are often unaware of their behaviours until they see it reflected by the horse. Through a series of activities, this metaphorical process helps people identify and express their thoughts, behaviours and emotions. The stories that emerge from these metaphors enable these programmes to have a lasting impact, helping clients such as caregivers and mental health professionals to take what they learn in the arena back into their lives. 

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One such example was a SAPS social worker who used the activity to help resolve an issue in her life. In carrying out a task with a horse to understand what the issue was, she says the session with horses helped her change her mindset – helping her to realise that we often make problems bigger than they are, when the solutions are right in front of us.