Animal Demographic Unit

By mapping Africa’s biodiversity, the Animal Demography Unit (ADU) is helping protect and understand our wild places and spaces for future generations.

Africa is rich in biodiversity and culture and forms the heart and home of those who live here.  Yet for future generations, a question mark hangs over the kind of biodiversity heritage that will be left behind. That’s if we don’t act now to protect and better understand it. In the face of rapid development, urbanisation, human population growth and climate change, there’s never been a more important time to conserve Africa’s wild places and spaces.

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The Animal Demography Unit (ADU), a research unit at the University of Cape Town (UCT), has been at the forefront of mapping Africa's awesome biodiversity for the past 26 years. The ADU's purpose is to cultivate a love for nature and to provide a platform for members of the public to contribute to crucial conservation projects (Citizen Science Projects) by:

These extremely important records help us to understand the distributions of species, how they are being impacted by humans, and what actions are needed to protect them. It is the ADU’s role to push all this data up the hill of influence so that it can be used in conservation policy and planning.  

The ADU has produced some of the most important atlas publications and official Red Listings for the conservation of birds, frogs, butterflies and other animals in the southern African region. Its portfolio of projects is growing and expanding into Africa, and is planning to extend the reach of such projects to as many people as possible.


Writer credentials: Megan Loftie-Eaton