African Angels

Bringing independent, quality education to primary school kids in rural East London, African Angels is helping to build the nation through learning.

African Angels is a small non-profit organisation that’s focused on nation building through education. 

For the children of Chintsa in the Eastern Cape, African Angels is their only chance to get a quality primary school education, where they operate the African Angels Independent School - a quality low fee primary school, for more than 100 children from two local townships.  

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With the funds raised African Angels is helping to bring independent, quality education to primary school kids in rural East London. Get a Free MySchool card today.

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Now in its sixth year of operation, with its first graduating Grade 7 class, the school is proof that all children, regardless of their circumstances, can reach their full potential when provided with a quality education.  Situated in a beautiful rural setting just outside East London, children arrive from 6.45am to porridge to soothe hungry tummies, bright well equipped classrooms and a full day of learning with dedicated teachers.  African Angels believes that all children, regardless of their financial situation, should get the best education possible. 

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With the opportunity provided by African Angels, and the support of the MySchool programme, these children who experience such disadvantage and inequality will be able to create their own opportunities in the future.  For themselves.  For their family.  For South Africa.   

"I can't wait till I finish school to become a nurse and find out why my dad can't walk, to help my community, to take care of my family and stand for them. African Angels is my future." (Amahle aged 14)