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From first steps to special schools, stationery and extra classes, Abraham Kriel Childcare gives vulnerable kids new opportunities to achieve their dreams.

Starting with baby milestones and preschool building blocks to special school fees and extra classes, Abraham Kriel Childcare helps develop over a thousand children in its care. Thanks to MySchool funds, the organisation helps provide school stationery, clothing, equipment, products and even driving lessons that children need to develop skills that can be used for future careers. 

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With the funds raised Abraham Kriel Childcare is helping vulnerable kids achieve their dreams. Get a Free MySchool card today.

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For 16 year old twin sisters Rae and Taryn, the funds have enabled them to attend special schools, where they are learning how to make the most of the opportunities available to them. Despite their academic challenges, they have dreams and plans for the future. “It is my dream to work on a luxury cruise ship and to open my own salon one day,” says Rae while painting Aunty Magriet’s (her house mother’s) nails. With hard work and determination, that next chapter in Rae’s life will be part of a wonderful success story.

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Taryn is using her sewing machine donated by Flight Centre Foundation to make sheets for the houses on Langlaagte Campus from donated material, while Rae charges R50 to do nails for the ladies on campus to develop her business skills. Striving to help children in their care with study fees and skills development courses, every swipe is helping write a new success story.