Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre

Young poaching orphans and survivors like baby elephant Shawu and rhino Lula get a new chance at a happy life at Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.

For baby elephant Shawu, and baby rhino calf Lula, the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) is giving them a chance at a happy life. Looking after young poaching orphans and survivors, the HESC helps to raise awareness and funding for orphaned rhinos and other endangered species. MySchool funds are used for the animals’ daily feeding costs, which helps in the rehabilitation and reintroduction of injured and orphaned animals. 

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Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre image May 2017

HESC now has eight young rhino orphans in its care: Gertjie, Matimba, Stompie, Balu, Khulula, Olivia, Nhlanhla and Lula. It also looks after four poaching survivors: Lion’s Den, Dingle Dell, Philippa and Ike.  Found wandering on his own at only four months old on a reserve, the HESC also took on baby elephant Shawu who is settling in well. 

Taking care of a baby elephant is demanding in so many ways. But the team is doing everything possible to give baby Shawu gets all the love and nurturing he needs to grow into a healthy big bull that will do his name justice. He now weighs 146kgs and is playful as ever, under the ever watchful eye of six elephant grooms and curators who take it in turns to give him the special infant care and attention he needs. 

Rescued Rhinos also aims to raise awareness for the plight of the species among surrounding communities, the youth and general public. 

Baby Lula, who was found next to her dead mother’s carcass, is also settling in well and has been introduced to the other orphans.  She was found vulnerable, stressed and dehydrated near her mother who was suspected to have been shot dead three days prior at a neighbouring property.

After finding her, the team transported her to HEDC, where she has now been weaned from her milk in a bottle. Now, little Lula is enjoying her meal times with the other rhino and growing strong every day.