MOT SA content Feb 2017

By giving young people the strength to manage peer pressure and believe in themselves, MOT South Africa is empowering the youth with courage for the future, thanks to MySchool funds.

By tapping into the passion, energy and potential of young people, MOT South Africa is helping change lives through training, thanks to the support of MySchool funds. Young people face daily challenges and difficult situations, poverty, and broken families and are often exposed to emotional, physical and substance abuse from an early age. Specialising in life-skills development, MOT education programmes help these young people to make good life choices based on sound values, to achieve their full potential and make a difference in their schools, colleges and communities. 

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MySchool funds have enabled MOT SA to train and support 30 MOT coaches and facilitate youth programmes. MOT, which means the ability to show courage, delivers education programmes that give young people the strength to manage peer pressure, and to believe in themselves and to take responsibility for their own lives and futures. The result: empowered youth that are self-aware and courageous, active citizens and leaders.