MandelaDay 67minutes We’re doubling our efforts by helping the Cast On 4 Kids initiative and donate 67 blankets to young learners by supporting BanaBlankets, and find out more about the 67 comfort packs on their way to child abuse victims.

We’ve pledged our time and building materials to Lucky Lucy this Mandela Day to help protect abused animals, and read how MySchool funds will be used to sterilise 67 dogs and cats over two days in areas of need. Last but not least, read how a funds injection means new look training manuals for teachers to improve education in areas of need.


67 blankets made with love

We honour our nation’s great philanthropist, in partnership with two organisations devoted to helping women and children.

Every year on 18 July, South Africans celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday by giving 67 minutes of their time to serving communities across the country. This Mandela Day, MySchool is doubling its efforts to honour the nation’s great philanthropist by partnering up with two organisations that support women and more than 2000 children.

Mandela Day is recognised by the UN as a global movement for good – inspiring people to take action and help change the world for the better.  MySchool is excited to take part in Masikhule’s annual Cast On 4 Kids initiative, which will see people knitting, crocheting or donation warm items for close to 2000 children between 3 months and 6 years old.

Masikhule trains women in Early Childhood Development (ECD), and mentors 30 EDC centres in informal settlements around the Helderberg. Many of the crèches and preschools teach and nurture kids, but have very few resources, which is why MySchool has pledged its support by donating 67 blankets to help little learners.

To double its efforts, all 67 blankets will be made by BanaBlankets – a growing community-based income generation project. The group of unemployed women and grandmothers make a wide selection of high quality fleece and picnic blankets. What’s more, this support goes on to benefit many more children, as grannies in the project are the primary caregivers for their grandchildren, who have lost their parents to AIDS.


67 comfort packs for kids

Taking up the Mandela Day challenge, MySchool is sending 67 Comfort Packs to support child victims of sexual abuse. Set up in 1992, PATCH/ Helderberg Child Abuse Centre is a non-profit organisation that specialises in child sexual abuse. With six offices in the Helderberg Basin, forming part of the Cape Metropole, PATCH offers assessments and therapy to all child victims, provided by qualified social workers and counsellors from the community. Through its 24-hour crisis centre at the local government hospital, children are supported by the hospital’s medico-legal examination team in cases of rape.

Along with support for child victims, PATCH is dedicated to preventing future incidences and is focused on essential awareness and prevention programmes. Staff members actively encourage children to come forward and report any incidents of sexual abuse, and through increased service accessibility, the divergent communities have come to trust PATCH and embrace the help on offer.

To honour Nelson Mandela’s dedication to protecting the nation’s children, MySchool is rising to PATCH’s challenge this Mandela Day to donate 67 Comfort Packs for vulnerable children that will include:
•    Toiletry Items: such as liquid body Soap, a sponge or face cloth, deodorant, toothpaste and Tooth Brush.
•    Stationery items: such as a colouring book, crayons and a note book
•    Something Special: a comfort toy , an inspirational card

Lucky Lucy

The Lucky Lucy Foundation
Lucky Lucy paves the way

This Mandela Day, the Lucky Lucy foundation is calling on corporates to donate their time and resources for the entire day or just 67 minutes.

The non-profit, pro-life, pro-quality of life organisation is dedicated to helping severely neglected and abused township and street animals. Since it started in 2010, Lucky Lucy is also committed to the social upliftment and education of impoverished kids and adults in and around Cape Town.

Lucky Lucy is an ambassador for the voiceless, and was established after founding members discovered a pregnant dog tied to a railway line with wire. Despite several trains passing over her and losing her leg as a result, Lucky Lucy survived the cruel trauma. The foundation sees itself as a stepping stone of hope for neglected and abused animals, and is set on reducing over population and providing a beacon of light for destitute adults and children.

In support of Mandela Day this year, MySchool has pledged its support for Lucky Lucy with time and building material for its new premises, where new paving of 4 small camps will help protect vulnerable dogs.

Pug Rescue

Pug Rescue
Vet services for change

Volunteer vets and Pug Rescue SA to sterilise, vaccinate and deworm 67 dogs and cats over 2 days.

Thanda Inja is a Pug Rescue SA initiative that offers a Community Outreach veterinary clinic and sterilisation campaign every second Tuesday in Mkalazenki in Daveyton. In honour of our nation’s great, this Mandela Day, MySchool is giving its support to funding the sterilisation campaign of 67 dogs and cats over two days.

Supported by the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD), and private practice volunteer vets, Thanda Inja will offer pensioners, the unemployed and people earning less than R10 000 a month the chance to have their dogs and cats sterilised, vaccinated and dewormed.


Organisation for Research and Training for Teachers

Thanks to a MySchool funds injection, teachers can look forward to new look training manuals to help improve education in areas of need.

For more than two decades, the Organisation for Research and Training (ORT SA CAPE) has been helping support education across South Africa. Thanks to a donation by MySchool in 2015, ORT SA CAPE has been using its funds to print training manuals for its teachers to improve education for young people in disadvantaged communities.

Originally set up in 1994 to address a need for technology teachers in South Africa, ORT SA CAPE is linked to ORT JET, ORT SA and World ORT – an international educational non-government organisation. Highly regarded in the Western Cape, ORT SA CAPE delivers a wide range of accredited courses and programmes that include:
•    ORTSEED – Mathematics and Language in 10 Stellenbosch Rural Primary Schools
•    Grade R SETA accredited teachers training
•    Constructive After-School Programme for Enrichment (CASPER) – Reading and Robotics
•    Monitoring and evaluation of Education Programmes and Teacher Training.

By supporting ORT SA CAPE with the printing of Teacher training materials, MySchool is delighted by its positive impact on a larger community that will deliver sustainable change through education. Through professional materials, ORT SA CAPE also aims to foster learning communities for educators in rural areas, while helping to improve learner skills through a variety of afterschool enrichment programmes.