Montessori School blogPort Elizabeth Montessori School is growing its library, to open doors for children to new worlds and exciting adventures through the wonder of reading.

Thanks to MySchool’s fundraising programme, Port Elizabeth Montessori School is growing its library to nurture the wonder of reading.  Every last cent is invested in books so that its children, aged 18 months to 13 years old, can immerse themselves in new worlds and exciting adventures.

The school, based in Walmer, Port Elizabeth teaches three basic life lessons/ rules: to always show respect, to act with kindness and to take responsibility. With June being National Child Safety Month, the school’s principal Samantha Streak explains that these rules can easily be applied to being safe, while taking responsibility for helping others to stay safe.

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During the month of June, the school will actively promote safety with a visit from an emergency medical services (EMS) team. This exciting visit will give kids the chance to explore the inside of an ambulance and to understand how EMS work. The aim is to help children understand which services and people are there to help people in need.

Through its MySchool contributions, new books are on the shelves that bring the themes of child safety, protection of rights and helping others in communities to life. Older primary children will also write stories of their own, related to child safety, to read to the younger kids at the school.

Streak says that every little swipe counts, and thanks to the effort of its school community, PE Montessori can continue to grow its resources and library to enhance the learning of every child in the school.

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