GiveTheGiftofHearing blogRed Cross Children’s Hospital Trust uses its R400 000 donation to buy equipment that will help 760 children suffering from ear disease or hearing loss.

Thanks to a donation of R400 000 to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, hundreds of children will enjoy the gift of hearing. MySchool and Woolworths are celebrating the handover – raised through their 2015 Christmas campaign – to the Children’s Hospital Trust which will use the funds to buy specialist Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) equipment to help save the lives of 10 children with life-threatening ear disease, and prevent hearing loss in 750 kids.
Supported by international music sensation Pharrell Williams, the MySchool and Woolworths Christmas Giving campaign raised the funds through a special additional donation each time customers swiped their MySchool and linked Woolies cards in-store between 5 November and 25 December.

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“MySchool and Woolworths are such valued supporters of the Children’s Hospital Trust and the Red Cross Children’s Hospital,” says Louise Driver, CEO of the Children’s Hospital Trust. “As benefactors of their annual Christmas Campaign, the Trust has been able to purchase much-needed ENT equipment to perform life-changing operations and interventions on children who suffer from severe ear disease, ensuring that they regain or do not lose their ability to hear. We want to thank them for their generous donation, as well as all the customers who swiped their cards while shopping. Every little swipe has made a huge difference in a child’s life.”

The Children’s Trust equipment purchase includes a high-speed otologic drill that’s needed to perform the surgery to help cure cholesteatoma - a disease of the middle ear that can, if left untreated, lead to death. Patients at the hospital’s Out Patients Department will also benefit from a specialist microscope used for examination, diagnosis and during procedures to prevent hearing loss.  In helping to support more accurate and effective diagnoses and procedures, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital will maintain its high standards of paediatric care.

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“We are delighted that our customers were part of this successful campaign to give the gift of hearing to South African children in need,” says Pieter Twine Woolworth’s General Manager of Loyalty and MySchool. “The funds raised for this were in addition to our normal contributions to customers’ beneficiaries.  So it was an easy way for them, at no extra cost, to participate in the essential and very expensive upgrade of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital’s ENT equipment. The festive season should always be about giving, and it is such a pleasure to help to improve children’s access to specialist medical care.”