Redcross contentFor seven-year-old Sinaye, a new liver means a changed future. Find out how Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust has helped make a difference to a brave boy’s life.

Seven-year-old Sinaye has been in and out of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital for a very long time. Doctors discovered that he had Biliary Atresia disease not long after his birth, and the condition affects the liver and bile ducts in infants. As part of the course of treatment, Sinaye underwent a Kasai procedure when he was only three months old to prevent him from suffering severe liver damage.



Health complications as a result of this liver disease have meant Sinaye has been unwell for most of his life. One of these symptoms include a swollen tummy - something he’s often been teased about at school.

According to his doctor, Sinaye needed a liver transplant in order to help and improve his quality of life, but sadly doctors were unable to put him on the transplant list in the beginning due to his family’s personal circumstances. His mother Khaliswa did whatever she could to get a stable, permanent job as a high school teacher, to provide a home that would be suitable for a sick, recovering child. It was on 14 January 2016 when Khaliswa received a call from the hospital to say that her little boy would be receiving a liver transplant and they were both overjoyed.

Sinaye was brought immediately to Red Cross Children’s Hospital and his liver transplant was a success. This brave little boy stayed in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Hospital for about a week after the procedure to ensure that he was stable. Khaliswa explains that she wasn’t always able to be at his side because of work commitments, but she knew her son was receiving the best possible care. “These are all really good doctors and I know my child was in good hands,” says Khaliswa. “Even when I was not there, I knew he had a doctor or nurse by his side the entire time. I saw how each individual patient there really received special care and always had his or her doctor close by.”

Sinaye is still in hospital, but has been moved to the renal ward where he is receiving daily care and medication to ensure his condition is stable. “Sinaye is in good spirits and he is a really, really strong boy who is also a fighter,” says Khaliswa.

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