Saving waterIt’s never too early to learn about water conservation. That’s why we’re asking schools on the MySchool fundraising programme around South Africa what they’re doing to be water wise.

Change begins with awareness and education, and where better to start than at school. As South Africa faces its worst drought in over thirty years, we’re asking schools on the MySchool fundraising programme to tell us what they’re doing to be water wise, and how they’re saving each precious drop.

Westville Senior Primary School

Q: Tell us a little more about what your school is doing to save water?
A: We’ve replaced all our screw taps and changed them to push-button taps that automatically turn off after a short time.  We’re also building rain water harvesting tanks for irrigation, and teaching our learners how to be water wise as part of our curriculum.

Northwood School

school saving water 3

Q: How does your school save water?
A: We’re saving water in a number of ways. We’ve recently sunk a borehole to help water our major sports fields and save on council water use, and because we only have one break during the school day, we’ve reduced the pressure on our taps and flushing of toilets.

Q: Tell us how you’re getting your learners to be water wise?
A: As well as taking part in East Coast Radio’s #watershare project, we have water wise posters on all of our school notice boards. Our learners are very involved in community-based projects and many of our staff members are also involved with retail water collections. We talk about drought issues in our Life Orientation lessons and many of our boarders are able to share their real life drought experiences with the rest of our learners.

Manor Gardens Primary Schoolschool saving water 2

Q: How do you encourage your learners to save water?
A: As well as teaching learners not to waste water by running taps, we have a number of water tanks around the school to water our plants with recycled water.  Children are involved in a number of water projects including WESSA water wise activities, and learners were treated to a NAPAC dancers’ production focused on our precious water resources.  As well as discussing it in class, learners have their water wise posters on display around the school, and we’ve collected 876.5 litres of water through our school for drought-stricken areas.

Laerskool Middelburg

school saving water 1

Q: How has your school worked with others to help drought-stricken areas?
A: Through a school care group, we have helped to collect 22 000 litres of water to be donated to drought stricken areas.