Athlone School for the Blind Sensory Garden contentAs part of an initiative supported by The Botanical Society of SA, MySchool donates funds towards a sensory garden for visually impaired learners.

The Athlone School for the Blind, a MySchool beneficiary, is a public school situated in Bellville-South, Cape Town. The school was established in 1927 to provide education and residential care for blind and visually impaired children from disadvantaged communities. Their primary goal is to meet the educational, vocational and therapeutic needs of learners to help ensure that they have the appropriate skills, education and competencies to effectively participate in the broader social and economic world.

 Athlone Sensory Garden1

The school’s ECD centre approached The Botanical Society of South Africa to help turn their rather bare playground into a sensory garden for the school. Not only did they want to expose learners to biodiversity; many learners come from areas without green spaces and with this sensory garden, they’ll be able to experience some of the wonders of nature. 

The Botanical Society of South Africa visited the school to engage with learners and teachers and discovered both a definite interest in nature and an enthusiasm to learn and experience new things. The garden will stimulate, excite, offer aesthetic value and educational opportunities and exposure to biodiversity to all learners at the school as well as their families and school staff. 

Athlone Sensory Garden2

In addition to donating funds towards the garden. MySchool donated two benches made out of recycled material to be placed in the garden for teachers and learners to enjoy outdoor lessons and during break.

Athlone Sensory Garden3