food trees profileMySchool funds donated over the past two years has led to successfully planting 161 trees through the Trees for All Programme at nine schools.

Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) thanks MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet for the collective generous donation received during the past two years. With this donation we successfully planted 161 trees through our Trees for All programme at nine schools.

Contributions went towards greening beneficiary schools that MySchool MyVillage MtyPlanet supports. These 161 trees have led to the sequestration of 59 tons of carbon dioxide and they created 4 hectares of urban forest. Trees for All greens, educates, offsets carbon emissions and transforms schools and other community centres into healthier, more sustainable environments. 

food trees 3

FTFA receives applications for trees from disadvantaged community groups (including many schools) in barren, dusty townships across South Africa. Once approved, FTFA provides trees for as many as possible with assistance from funders such as MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet.

Indigenous and/or fruit trees are ordered from the nearest tree supplier and, where possible, from emerging nurseries to promote local economic development. The trees are then delivered with branded instructions on how to plant and maintain them. Information on climate change is also provided Tree planting events are an excellent opportunity to spread awareness around climate change, environmental and sustainable development issues, as well as educate the recipient communities on all the wondrous gifts we get from living among the trees.

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More than 4.2 million trees have been distributed by FTFA since 1990, but there are still calls for many more. Trees green the surroundings, settle the dust, reduce noise pollution, provide shade, sequester carbon dioxide (one of the major greenhouse gases), improve the aesthetics and promote biodiversity.

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