Water Saving TipsDuring National Water Week it’s a great time for all of us to think about what we can do in our own lives to help conserve this precious natural resource. Just by getting into the habit of turning off the tap while brushing teeth, shaving or washing vegetables, you can reduce household water consumption by thousands of litres a year (and save money, too).

National Water Week is from 16 to 22 March, and the United Nation’s World Water Day is on 22 March 2015.  These events highlight the importance of clean, fresh water to life on earth, and the crises of water shortages and water pollution. 

How is MySchool supporting Water Week?

MySchool in partnership with Woolworths invite learners to participate in a celebration of taking action to conserve water by entering the THIRSTY FOR ACTION competition whereby learners stand a chance of win 1 of 4 fully installed rainwater tanks (10 000 litres) for your school and 1 of 4 R500 Woolworths gift cards for the winning drawing entry.


water saving tip 2

Here are some useful water-saving tips you can use to make a difference in your environment:

  1. Fix leaking taps – don’t let precious water go to waste.
  2. Don’t leave water running when brushing your teeth, washing dishes or cleaning vegetables.
  3. Have a shower instead of a bath – it uses less water and low-flow showerheads use even less.
  4. Choose water-wise plants, and water your garden early in the morning or during the early evening to cut the amount of water that disappears into the air.
  5. Don’t forget to mulch – it reduces evaporation and run off and helps your garden retain water.
  6. Check the water efficiency of dishwashers and washing machines before you buy. Front loading washing machines can use up to 40% less water than top loaders.
  7. Choose dual flush toilets when you’re replacing or installing a new toilet.
  8. Replace traditional shower heads with low flow pressurised alternatives.
  9. Harvest rain water and grey water to use in your garden.

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