Woolworths Stationary

Many South African children don't have the basic everyday school supplies most of us take for granted. By purchasing these special MySchool-branded Woolworths stationery items you're helping to change that.

Woolworths will donate 1% of the value of the stationery item towards buying books and stationery for underprivileged schools, plus MySchool will donate matching funds towards this initiative every year.


MySchool Stationery List

  • Clear Tape Refill 
  • Eraser 2pk 
  • Display Book 30pg 
  • A4 Counter 192pg 
  • A5 Wire Notebook 
  • A5 Exercise 72pg 
  • A4 Wire Notebook 
  • 80 Sheet Exam Pad 
  • A4 Counter Book 2 
  • Clutch Pencil 
  • 3 Blue Retractable 
  • 3 Black Retractable 
  • 4 Black Ballpoint 
  • 4 Blue Ballpoint 
  • Large Scissors

The MySchool-branded stationary is available at Woolworths stores across the country or online at Woolworths.  By purchasing any of these stationery items you will be helping us give back to those who need it most.