It is estimated that around 3 million South African school children do not have a desk to work at in their classrooms. 

The lack of classroom learning stations with proper writing surfaces hampers not only the learner’s handwriting development, but their concentration, and overall academic performance as well.  From the teacher’s perspective it presents additional classroom and learner management challenges that ultimately adversely impact on the quality of teaching and learning. Tutudesks are mobile classroom desks that immediately address this challenge, provide to learners by donors.

MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, the Community Loyalty Programme has already donated over 7 000 desks in the past 2 years and today given another 1 000 Tutudesks to selected under-resourced schools in Uitenhage. 

The three schools receiving these desks are Vuba Primary School, Ashton Gontshi Primary School and Moreson Lower Primary School all who have between 60% and 84% desk shortages. 

“We believe that as South Africans we should all be playing an active role in improving the standard of education. Not having a desk is a serious setback”, says Helene Brand, CSI Manager for MySchool. 

To date the Tutudesk Campaign, a MySchool beneficiary with Archbishop Desmond Tutu as its patron, has provided Tutu desks to more than 1.5 million learners in 24 African countries.  An independent research survey, involving 16 000 learners and 500 teachers, attests to multiple improvements in the classroom learning environment, classroom management and in actual learners’ performance.

Tutudesks are locally produced and made from a high-grade, child-safe, proprietary polymer that won’t shatter like other plastics if dropped.  A Tutudesk weighs under a kilogram and rests comfortably and stably on a child’s lap, providing them with an even, steady surface to write on whether they are sitting on a chair or on the floor.  The desks have a handle, so they can easily be carried by the learners and can be taken home and used for doing homework and projects.

Customers wanting to support the Tutudesk Campaign can sign up online at and select this not for profit organization as their beneficiary.  The free MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card can be swiped at a range of retailers including Woolworths, and Engen.  With every swipe the retail partner makes a donation to your selected beneficiary, at no extra cost to you.