MySchool and Woolworths: Win R100 000 + Raise More Funds For Your School Competition

When does the competition run?

11 April 2016 till 26 June 2016

What is the MySchool and Woolworths Win R100 000 + Raise More Funds for Your School competition?

This competition is part of our campaign to raise R100 million in support of education in South Africa.

  • 3 Schools stand a chance to Win R100 000 for their school
    • PLUS give an additional R50 000 for a sustainable project to an under resourced school of their choice.
  • Supporters stand to win 1 of 12 R50 000 education support bursaries for their child or a child that they nominate.
  • Learners stand to win exciting prizes for their class and classroom. 
  • Schools get to raise even more MySchool funds along the way.

We invited all schools currently on the MySchool fundraising programme to register for the competition. Registration is only available via email. If a school has not received their unique personal registration email and would like to participate they need to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request their personalised registration email. All registered schools can participate, but school registration closes on the 30th of April. No school can register to participate after 30th April 2016.

Does the competition have a special website?

Yes, please visit www.myschool.co.za/winR100K

What are the Terms and Conditions of participation?


How do I know if a school is registered?

Visit the campaign leader board page on the MySchool website www.myschool.co.za/winR100K. If the school is not in the top 5 of one of the 3 categories, you can search for the school in the school search section under each category.

How are the schools categorised?

Schools are categorised based on their current active supporter count as at 1 April 2016, so similar school sizes will compete against each other giving schools a fair chance to win. Schools will remain in their category for the duration of the competition and not move between categories, even if their active supporter count changes

Category A: 500 + active supporters per school
Category B: Between 100 – 499 active supporters per school
Category C: Up to 100 active supporters per school 

Who can participate?

The competition is open to all MySchool registered schools and all MySchool Cardholders (including those with linked Woolworths Cards). 
School registration closes on 30 April 2016.

Supporters don’t have to register, as long as their school has registered for the competition and their card is linked to the school they will add to the school’s score. Supporters and learners cannot win prizes if their school has not registered for the competition.

If I don’t have a child at a school can I still participate?

Yes you can. You must swipe your card for a registered school in order to participate. You can update your profile online or do so by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How does the competition work for SCHOOLS?

We launch the competition with the foundation: schools can build their score every time someone swipes their MySchool card or linked Woolworths Card in support of their school at a Woolworths store.

School’s scores are calculated based on Number of Swipes + (Number of Items Purchased / 10), therefore every item purchased and every swipe counts towards your score! It does not matter how much you spend, every single item you buy will contribute towards your school’s score.

Schools will also be able to BOOST their score:

  • Learners get to do challenges to boost scores for their school plus they can win prizes for themselves. See the April Score Booster details below.
  • As from 5 May supporters will get the opportunity to boost their School’s score as well, every time they buy an EarthCred product. More information will follow once this is launched.

The school with the highest score in each of our 3 categories wins! 

How does the April Score Booster work?  

  • Classes must create an innovative & fun poster or video to remind parents to SWIPE their linked MySchool Card whenever they shop at Woolies, and get one if they don’t have one already. (A “class” may be any group of learners from the school, up to a maximum of 40 learners).

The principal or school champion must choose their school’s best idea and share it on Twitter by 11 May 2016. Make sure you tag @MySchoolSA and use the  #WinR100K hashtag in your tweet to enter. They can also email entries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An entry will earn their school booster points (maximum of 1 entry per school)

MySchool judges will choose the Top Idea in each category for the grand prizes.

The Prizes: The schools with the Top 3 Ideas (1 per category) will each win exciting prizes worth R20 000. The winning class/school idea gets to share the R20 000 Prize (combination of gift cards, vouchers, etc.) All April Score Booster entries will boost their score with the following number of points:

  • Category A: 3000 boost
  • Category B: 1000 boost
  • Category C: 500 boost

Why are the Booster Scores different for each category?

The booster scores are calculated based on the score ranges within each category in order to make the Boost both fair and meaningful.

How does the competition work for SUPPORTERS?

Supporters stand a chance to win one of 12 education bursaries worth R50 000 each.

In order to win one of the 12 educational support bursaries, simply swipe your MySchool or Linked Woolworths Card every time you shop: every single item that you purchase will give you an entry into the lucky draw! We will draw 4 winners per category in a lucky draw.

MySchool will contribute R50 000 towards the school fees, school uniforms and stationery requirements for any school-going child nominated by the winning Supporter. These funds will be paid directly to the school where the child is attending (must be a school or tertiary institution registered with MySchool) in one lump sum. Part of the funds may be paid out as a gift card to allow for the purchase of school uniforms and stationery from Woolworths, should the winning supporter prefer this. This prize is not redeemable as cash and cannot be split or transferred.

Who can’t participate?

This competition is not open to Woolworths and MySchool employees and their direct family members (including children) including the employees and direct family members of the Woolworths and MySchool advertising and promotional agencies, suppliers and distributors.

More Queries?

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