SPCA saves tortoise

Regular patrols mean Roodepoort SPCA’s team is aware, visible and ready to step in to help save any animals in need.

For Roodepoort SPCA, routine patrols mean its team is always on the lookout to help any animals. Thanks to MySchool funds helping to keep its wheels on the road, the team is able to respond to emergencies, complaints of animal cruelty and rescues to ensure their team is aware, visible and ready to step in whenever necessary. 

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With the funds raised SPCA Roodepoort is able to feed and protect all the animal species in its care.
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One such example was when an SPCA patrol vehicle noticed a man carrying an extremely large tortoise as he walked along the road. Clearly up to no good, the man dropped the tortoise and ran away. The inspector took the tortoise in to the SPCA veterinary team to examine and take care of it until it was ready to release back into the wild in a protected environment.

SPCA saves tortoise

Wild animals belong in the wild. The trade in them is not restricted to large-scale syndicated operations but is an everyday occurrence around us. Preventing such cruel and illegal trade – for whatever reason – is one aim of the Roodepoort SPCA which takes time, manpower and finance.  All MySchool funds are used to help pay for the cost of running emergency vehicles, veterinary treatment and the feeding of all animals species in its care.

Over the past year alone, the Roodepoort SPCA investigated 1 973 reported cases of cruelty to animals as well as undertaking 656 routine inspections of abattoirs, hawking sites, breeding facilities, pet shops, security companies using dogs, grooming parlours and stable yards. 

Education is a top priority but in cases where this has failed or is simply not possible, it uses its legal powers. 763 warnings in terms of the Animals Protection act were issued during the past year, 18 criminal cases opened: - two successful, 3 withdrawn by the State and 14 cases remain pending.