NICO Vuyos Journey content bannerBy aiming to rewrite stories for children like Vuyo, NICRO uses MySchool funds to help vulnerable youngsters take to the skies and achieve their dreams.

NICRO Safety Ambassador Vuyo has dreamed of being a pilot since he was 6 years old. Thanks to NICRO and MySchool funds, Vuyo flew for the first time – an experience he said was the best day of his life.

Vuyo recently graduated from NICRO’s two year Safety Ambassador youth justice programme. 

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Safety ambassadors are young people who have been through our programme and been empowered with the prerequisite skills, knowledge, experience and motivation to serve as positive role models.  They interact with and influence others, dissuading them from participating in anti-social behaviour and the commission of crime.

Despite losing two years of his adolescence to delinquency and addiction, with NICROs’ support and MySchool donations he has made the right choices for this future.  

Vuyo is now President of his school in Khayelitsha and is an outstanding teacher and a proactive role model to others. Now one step closer to realising his dream, Vuyo plans to become a commercial pilot – a dream he never thought might become a reality.

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