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Read how MyVillage beneficiaries are helping protect, uplift and educate individuals and communities in need. 

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Aurora Special Care Centre

Aurora runs Residential and Stimulation Care centres that provide professional care for profoundly mentally and physically handicapped children, as well as special needs children and adults.  With 40 full-time residents and 12 mildly handicapped adult residents in a group home, Aurora relies on caring shoppers like you to raise funds that ensure that up to 100 children and adults attend therapy, Music therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy.

Durbanville Children’s Home

For more than 130 years, Durbanville Children’s Home has been caring for vulnerable children with no other place of safety.  Thanks to the R 38,034.95 raised by people like you through MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet over the past year, the Home will continue to use its funds to provide its 144 resident children with school uniforms, shoes, stationery and monthly toiletries.  As well as supporting all aspects of their wellbeing, development and education, Durbanville Children’s Home also gets involved in fun projects. Just recently the Home used its funds to pay for stage costumes for children who have been learning to play African drums. Now performing at events, the children only had their everyday clothes and thanks to some of these funds, they’ve been able to buy material to show off their talents in style.

Focus on iThemba

For more than a decade, Focus on iThemba has worked to improve the lives of disadvantaged children through quality education, a cluster foster care home programme and various Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) outreach projects.  With a focus on leadership development, the organisation offers quality education scholarships to learners with potential at the iThemba Academy.  With the R 54,302.31 it received thanks to shoppers like you, Focus on iThemba will use the funds to help cover operational costs. At the same time, its ECD programme will enable surrounding ECD Centres to become sustainable community institutions registered with the Department of Social Development, while providing high quality foundation phase education - a vital stepping stone in the development of our future leaders. 

I Care

I Care has developed its own model to transform the lives of street children in Durban and Johannesburg which includes public awareness campaigns, outreach programmes, drop-in centres, rehabilitation programmes, housing, education, skills training and after care.  Each year, hundreds of desperate children driven from their homes by poverty and abuse take to living on the streets of South Africa.  But life on the streets is no easier, and they are extremely vulnerable to being quickly trapped in a lifestyle of drugs, sexual exploitation, begging and crime, all the while losing their opportunities to gain an education and to develop as productive citizens.  Using the R49,078.46 raised by caring people like you over the past year, I Care continues to reach out to children to help them rise above circumstances out of their control, and to help them to create a different future for themselves.

Red Cross Children's Hospital Primary School and Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust

Cape Town’s Red Cross Hospital is a pioneer and stalwart of paediatric care on the African continent, and the Primary School focuses on the rights of all children to access educational opportunities, even when this is severely disrupted due to illness and injury.  Apart from shoring up general costs, the R 199 991.17 raised by shoppers like you through MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet for the Red Cross Children's Hospital Primary School will be used to enable children’s access to swimming lessons, yoga classes, drumming therapy and outings.

National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI)

Thanks to R187,700.65 raised over the past year by shoppers through MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, the NSRI continues to be a shining example of the enduring power of volunteerism – manned by more than 1 000 highly skilled volunteers at 31 bases around South Africa’s vast coastline, as well as at five inland dams.  Prepared to miss business meetings and family occasions, and brave enough to head out to sea in conditions others would avoid, dedicated NSIR volunteers are on standby 365 days a year and readily respond to calls for help from the water. 


Registered as a charity in 1942, Cotlands has been providing care to vulnerable children for almost 80 years.    Today, the organisation is a seasoned specialist in providing early childhood development (ECD) opportunities to vulnerable children from birth to six years of age. With the R 108,405.18 raised by shoppers like you over the past year, Cotlands will use its funds towards vital learning development programmes that include providing under-resourced ECD centres and playgroups with toy libraries and educational resources across six provinces of South Africa.  With these resources, Cotlands will help support children’s development of language, mathematics, problem-solving, gross and fine motor skills, as well as social and emotional skills.

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation


CHOC uniquely provides support to children with cancer and life threatening blood disorders, and their families.  Almost four decades ago CHOC was established by parents of children suffering from cancer as a support to other parents in similarly wrenching situations.  It has since grown into a fully-fledged non-profit organisation providing a variety of support from the time a family gets a shock cancer diagnosis in the hospital ward through the many traumas of treatment and onwards.  Thanks to the R 125,383.39 raised by caring people like you through MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet, CHOC will use these funds to support core programmes like purchasing care bags, food and clothing for patients from impoverished backgrounds, while offering patients recreational activities and transportation to and from hospital for treatments.