abraham krielAbraham Kriel Childcare (AKC) protects, cares, educates and treats children in order for them to have a chance to become contributing members of society. With more than 800 children in our care, we offer a wide variety of care models to children of all ages that have many different needs and circumstances. Children need an anchor to give them hope and a future. Abraham Kriel Childcare will be that anchor by nurturing and developing almost 800 children.

In effect this means that they care for babies, children and youth from birth to age 25 in ways most appropriate to their needs, talents and dreams.

They provide:

Residential Care

About 220 traumatised, abandoned, orphaned and neglected children are placed in residential care by the children’s court. These severely traumatised children are placed in specialist homes and satellite homes and need on-going therapy in order to overcome their trauma.

Community Care

Dedicated community services cater to almost 600 children in Soweto and Westbury, who are impoverished and orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDs pandemic. The community care programme include two types of services: Home Based Care and Drop-In Centres. Here children receive daily meals, either at their homes or at a local centre. Social workers, remedial teachers and counsellors are stationed either at the centres or close to the children’s homes so that they may be assisted with needs such as, ID applications, ARV drugs, grant applications, counselling, and enrichment programmes.

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Education Programmes

In order for a child to develop to its full potential, a child needs a good education. A few of the children at AKC attend the Impact School for severely traumatised children. The school aims to support their therapeutic programmes to strengthen them academically, emotionally and mentally so that they can be placed back into mainstream schooling. The Johanna Malan Early Childhood Development Centre provides an important educational foundation to underprivileged children in the Yeoville and surrounding areas, which is essential to their development and growth. Recently, AKC embarked on new territory by starting the Emdeni Skills Development Centre. This centre at Emdeni is in the process of rolling out skills that may enable the youth in the community to access the mainstream economy.


With 108 years of experience in childcare, Abraham Kriel Childcare challenges the iniquities of society and social injustice. Thanks to their organisation, and funding from fellow supporters, many children have found homes where they are provided with food, shelter, clothing and education. These children now nurture dreams of all kinds – just like other children.

The children at AKC were failed by adults who should have loved, protected and praised them - but this organisation has given them hope and a second chance.  Please help us them heal the wounds, take away the disappointment, and restore theirself image and self worth.  They may never forget the pain, but they can build from that situation a beautiful future.


For more information on AKC, please contact them on 011 839 3058 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.abrahamkriel.org.za