amy biehlThe Amy Biehl Foundation is a NPO working towards township youth development in the Western Cape and named after Amy Biehl, a humanitarian, researcher & academic who helped create a new democracy but who passed away in 1993 - a victim of apartheid's racial tension - leaving a great legacy behind.

Their programmes are designed to develop and empower youth in the townships and contribute to community building efforts as a mechanism to reduce the levels of crime and violence.

Their mission statement of "weaving a barrier against violence" is achieved by providing educational and cultural activities, offering a healthy alternative to crime, drugs, sex, idleness and negative influences, also unlocking creative talents.

The Foundatioon currently reaches over 1 500 children weekly, and their programmes place a focus on the creative side of the brain, allowing the children to express themselves in an imaginative environment. This type of thinking and learning creates opportunities for them to become great leaders, future entrepreneurs and well rounded citizens in a global society.

You can help this organisation continue the valuable work they do, by getting your card in support of them now.

Their programmes include:

  • After School Centres

  • Creative Arts (Beading & Pottery), Drama and Dance (Kwaito, Modern, Traditional & Ballet)

  • Sports - including soccer, hockey, swimming, diving, surfing, muay thai and the first and only Golf Driving Range in a township

  • Music - including Violin, Guitar, Recorder, Marimba, Choral Singing and Brass Band

  • HIV / AIDS Peer Education

  • Greening & Environment

  • Youth Reading Role Models

  • Computer Literacy

There are great inadequacies in the impoverished township schools, and the continuous influx of people, creates huge pressure on the Province's resources and infrastructure, creating a dire need for the above mentioned programmes.

The number of children they are able to reach is directly proportionate to the support they receive.

Help them to provide a brighter future with greater opportunities for children from disadvantaged communities, thereby mobilising the economy against the challenges of the future.

'You make a living by what you earn but you make a life by what you give'


For more information, contact the Foundation on: 021 462 5052 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit