thechildrenshospitaltrustThe Children's Hospital Trust, the fundraising arm of the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital is dedicated to supporting the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital in serving the children of Africa by promoting the Hospital as a centre of paediatric excellence and by raising capital for selected needs.

All money donated (100%) benefits the Hospital, as the Children's Hospital Trust's running costs are covered by a separate grant.

Their financial accountability

When the Children's Hospital Trust was established in 1994, the Trustees at the time made the decision that 100% of donor money would go to the Hospital. A working fund to cover Trust running costs was established by a donation given specifically for this purpose. Subsequently, a portion of interest earned on deposits has boosted the fund. This has meant that since the Trust's inception, 100% of donor money has gone to the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital.

While the Children's Hospital Trust's running costs are covered by interest accrued on a working capital fund, the Trust constantly reviews its cost: income ration to ensure further accountability to donors.

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Trust achievements

The community has rallied to support our redevelopment projects for the Hospital and, since 1995, has raised over R62 million for the upgrade and refurbishment of the Hospital which have included some of the following projects:

1) Building of a new specialist outpatients and emergency services wing.
2) Building of a new integrated paediatric intensive care unit.
3) Purchase of specialised medical equipment.


For more information on The Children's Trust, please contact them on 021 686 7860 or visit