nsriThe NSRI is a non-profit organisation that saves lives on South African waters. NSRI is manned by 920 volunteers at 30 bases around the coast and on 3 inland dams.  Donations, bequests and sponsorships cover the annual running cost of R22.5 million. The volunteers save NSRI a salary bill in excess of R230m per annum. NSRI began in 1967 - as a humanitarian service, at no charge to the public.

The NSRI has initiated an education arm called WaterWise which teaches children what to do in an emergency and gives them the confidence to "breathe for their buddy" while they wait for the ambulance to arrive. WaterWise targets the disadvantaged youth between the ages of 9 and 14 - as statistically these are the most at risk. (Medical Research Council, 2006)

The need for a sea rescue organisation was highlighted in 1966 when 17 fisherman drowned after their trawler sank off Still Bay due to the lack of a rescue service.

Efforts to start a sea rescue service were initiated by a dedicated letter writing campaign by Miss Patti Price whose own life had been saved by life boat rescue service in the British Channel.

NSRI is always on duty. They respond day or night throughout the year, often putting to sea in the very worst conditions. Hours of training are required from our dedicated crew - they remain indebted to the families and employers who support their volunteers as well as to donors and MyVillage supporters who provide the essential funding to do this work.


For more information on the NSRI, contact them on 021 434 4011 or visit www.nsri.org.za