The Sunflower Fund LogoEach year hundreds of South Africans (mostly children and teenagers) face the diagnoses of a life-threatening blood disorder such as leukaemia, aplasia, immune deficiencies, inborn errors of metabolism, and other new indications such as auto-immune disorders and often their only hope of survival is a life-saving blood stem cell transplant.

Patients have a 25% chance of finding a sibling match but for most, an unrelated matched donor is needed and the chances of finding a matching donor is just 1 in 100 000!

The Sunflower Fund was formed in 1999 in pursuit of the vision that no one should die because there is no match. The organisation raises funds to pay for the tissue-typing test involved in recruiting potential blood stem cell donors as well as to educate the public and raise awareness about the need for blood stem cell donation.

The tissue-typing test costs R3000 per donor. You can help through MyVillage by choosing the Sunflower Fund as your card beneficiary or by contacting The Sunflower Fund to register as a donor.


For more information on this Fund, please contact them on 0800 12 1082 or visit