icareI Care, is a non-profit organisation devoted to finding meaningful and sustainable solutions to the challenge of street children in South Africa. Orphan numbers are currently 1 500 000 in South Africa. (Source: Actuarial Society of South Africa)

I Care was formed out of the LHC Foundation Trust. In 2002, the Trust was created by the late Graham Cochrane in honor of his father, Laurence Henry Cochrane.  Graham was inspired by his father's life which started out the hard way. He grew up without regular meals or even school shoes, and did not share many of the material pleasures that children his age enjoyed.  He lived a simple life with simple values such as to help those in need, put your family first, and be wise in your dealings in life. He left a legacy which by today's standards is all but lost. I Care have tried to capture that legacy in this foundation, and to reflect it in their statement of values.

Thanks to the values and principles that his father established in his children, and to God, Graham believed, that he and his family were in a position in 2002 to establish the trust and to give back to the community in which they lived.

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I Care provides the following services:

  • Awareness Campaign: Encouraging the public not to give money to children on the streets
  • Outreach Programme:  To persuade the street children off the streets and encourage them to return home, enter a shelter or the I Care Rehabilitation Programme.
  • Rehabilitation:  A 12-week adolescent development programme is run at our new premises in Umuzi, KZN to enable I Care to rehabilitate the street children.
  • Housing/Shelter: If former street children are unable to return home they are placed in an I Care family home & can attend our l ACE school to allow the children to catch up on any schooling they have missed.
  • Distribution: I Care distributes food parcels monthly to all street children reunited with their families.
  • Skills Development & Job Creation: I Care aims to provide children and young adults with a future, and facilitates various vocational opportunities for them

Their values:
I Care aims to act as the legitimate channel through which public donations, both local and international, can be placed with charitable organisations which reflect our mission. They want to provide donors with the comfort that they need regarding the legitimate use of their funds.

They acknowledge their duty to their employees and agents, and strives to be an employer of choice by offering staff opportunities for self-development and enrichment.

As guardians of public funds, they believe that they must be directed by their Christian beliefs in all aspects of their activities, and strive to create an environment which respects the beliefs and feelings of all stakeholders.


For more information on I Care, contact them on 031 572 6870 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.icare.co.za