The Cart Horse Protection AssociationThe Cart Horse Protection Association (CHPA) aims to provide clinic, patrol, and call out response, veterinary, and rehabilitation services to all working cart horses and donkeys living on the Cape Flats, and support, education and training to cart horse owners and drivers who use working cart horses as a means of generating  income for themselves and their families.

Their vision:

  • A regulated carting industry on the Cape Flats, with all working cart horses fit, healthy and comfortable in their work.

Their mission:

  • To protect working cart horses and donkeys from abuse, and contribute to the social upliftment of the Cape Flats carting community.

In 1995 the Cart Horse Protection Association was established, providing vital services and education to the cart horse owners from two rusty shipping containers in an attempt to address the appalling conditions in which these working horses lived and worked. Badly shod, thin, overloaded, overworked and abused working cart horses were a common site on Cape Town’s roads. Today, the Cart Horse Protection Association Clinic and Training Centre, located in Epping 2, boasts a farrier agency, harness shop, treatment stalls and paddocks, cart repair workshop, education and training room, administrative offices and a feed storage barn and provides services to over 400 working cart horses and their owners.

You can help this organisation continue the valuable work they do, by getting your card in support of them now.

Static and Outreach Clinics - Subsidised services are provided at seven weekly clinics, five here cart horse owners are able to access; feed, a professional farrier service, harness repairs, basic veterinary care and treatments, free de-worming and tetanus vaccinations. Education and hands-on practical training of cart horse owners and drivers, on proper care and health maintenance of their horse is also an integral part of the static and outreach clinics.

Patrol and Call - Out Response Unit - Monitors the cart horse drivers whilst working on public roads by conducting patrols, scrap metal yard inspections and responding to reports of abuse and overloading from members of the public, law enforcement and traffic officials.

Veterinary and Rehabilitation Unit - Provides a prompt and professional veterinary service to sick and injured working cart horses. Cart horses needing constant veterinary care and 24-hour observation are admitted to the Treatment Stalls at the Clinic and Training Centre or to the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, where they are treated, monitored and nursed back to health.

The Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre provides a place of safety for working cart horses whose owners and drivers continue to abuse and neglect them, despite our efforts at education and the services offered at the static clinics, accommodation for sick and injured horses requiring palliative care and maternity care for foaling mares.

Regulation of the carting industry - In September 2010 the first step to the regulation of the carting industry was taken by the introduction of identification plates for the carts. The ID plate is affixed to the back of the cart and denotes the horses name and Cart Horse Protection Association unique registration number which is captured on a central database with all the horse and owners information. The ID plate ensures that the cart operators who contravene the Animal Protection Act or traffic regulations can be easily identified and traced through our Information Management System.  Training is also provided by the Inspectorate to City Law Enforcement Officers on how to detect abuse and inspect a horse and cart. The training also offers an opportunity for Inspectors and law enforcement to share information on challenges and problems faced on the road with cart horse operators and formulate solutions in partnership.

Cart Horse Protection Association contributed Chapter 4 – Working Equines to the new City of Cape Town Animal By Law which was promulgated in August 2012.



For more information on CHPA, contact them on 021 535 3435 and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website