birdlifeBirdLife South Africa needs all the support it can get!

As South Africa's only dedicated bird conservation NGO, the conservation of our 850 birds is one of BirdLife South Africa's most important responsibilities. Our birds are under threat, with 125 species being listed in The Eskom Red Data Book of Birds of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.

BirdLife South Africa's work is effective - they have reduced the mortalities of albatrosses and petrels during long-line fishing operations by 85%, instituted a plan to conserve our threatened bustards and korhaans, advocated for the conservation of Kamfers Dam's Lesser Flamingos, and much more.

BirdLife South Africa is a registered Non-Profit Organization and a Public Benefit Organization with more than 6100 members. It is part of the BirdLife International Partnership, with more than 100 partner countries across the globe.

It is the only environmental NGO in South Africa with a membership which is growing (500 new members were recruited during 2009).

BirdLife South Africa's also focuses its work on the conservation of Important Bird Areas (IBAs), and there are 102 globally-recognized IBAs in South Africa. These areas were identified because, for example, they hold large numbers of threatened species or they support large aggregations of waterbirds.

You can help this organisation continue the valuable work they do, by getting your card in support of them now.

The organization is also involved in community-based conservation projects, environmental education, the training of bird guides, the management of bird-watching routes,and the organization of events (such as the Sasol Birds & Birding Fair and the Sappi BirdLife South Africa Birding Big Day).

The future of our country's birds is dependent on BirdLife South Africa's important conservation work, and we encourage the citizen's of our country to become a member, become an environmental watchdog, or donate money towards one of our conservation projects. BirdLife South Africa's work will ensure that our children and grandchildren will also be able to appreciate the beauty of our wonderful birds.


For more information on BirdLife SA, contact them on 011 789 1122 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit