spca-nationalThe National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) - National Fund - works nationally to uplift the welfare of all animals. This includes the sometimes forgotten ones such as working donkeys, animals in research laboratories, animals being transported, animals being auctioned or “production” or “food” animals.

NSPCA personnel responds to emergencies involving animals including natural or man-made disasters:- floods, fires, storms or extreme weather conditions plus road traffic accidents and the effects of strikes. The NSPCA also operates in areas where there is no existing SPCA, or where support is required or has been specifically requested. These are community projects and usually take place in impoverished rural areas.

The Wildlife Unit concerns itself with all wildlife species and the welfare of them all. The Wildlife Unit cares for large and small, feathered and furred, on land or in water, captive or wild. The Wildlife Unit works for change to eradicate cruel practices and will never turn its back on challenges.

The Farm Animal Unit works and strives for positive change. Supporting them is being part of the solution. For example, if a calf only takes two litres of its mother’s milk of the 30 litres she produces daily, why separate them? The NSPCA’s Farm Animal Unit promotes free range produce. Until such time as there is no research on animals, the Research Ethics Unit strives to Replace, Reduce and Refine – the “3 Rs”. They take positive action to improve conditions for these animals with positive results.

You can help this organisation continue the valuable work they do, by getting your card in support of them now

The NSPCA supports the individual SPCAs and trains their staff for a kinder world. The aims are long-term involving care and compassion. First hand experience is given: guidance and hands-on training. The NSPCA’s inspectors training courses are registered with the South African Qualifications Authority. Courses include theory as well as practice, especially knowledge and application of the law so that a difference can be made for EVERY animal.

We encourage you to support your local SPCA.

The following are listed on our programme:

  • SPCA - Alberton
  • SPCA - Amanzimtoti Kwazulu-Natal
  • SPCA - Boksburg
  • SPCA - Johannesburg South East
  • SPCA - Cape of Good Hope
  • SPCA - Centurion
  • SPCA - Durban & Coast
  • SPCA - East London
  • SPCA - Edenvale
  • SPCA - Eshowe
  • SPCA - Franschhoek
  • SPCA - Germiston
  • SPCA - Grassy Park
  • SPCA - Kempton Park
  •  SPCA - Kloof Kwazulu-Natal
  • SPCA - Lakefield / Benoni
  • SPCA - National Fund
  • SPCA - National Office
  • SPCA - Nelspruit
  • SPCA - Pietermariztburg
  • SPCA - Randburg
  • SPCA - Sandton
  • SPCA - Springs  Gauteng
  • SPCA - Vereeniging
  • SPCA - Waltloo Pretoria

Shop for your SPCA, with the assurity that the animals in your community are protected and well taken care of, as these furry creatures are vital members of society!