sancobbSANCCOB aims to protect and conserve Southern Africa's coastal birds, especially threatened species, for the benefit of present and future generations. Since 1968, SANCCOB has treated approximately 85,000 sea birds - the majority of which are classified as vulnerable or rare.

SANCCOB is best known for the success they achieved rehabilitating African penguins affected by oil spills.  SANCCOB has pioneered and refined many oiled penguin rehabilitation procedures and is now a world leader in this field, achieving survival rates that are exceptional by international standards. Recent research by the Animal Demography Unit at the University of Cape Town has shown that the African penguin population is 19% higher today than it would have been in the absence of SANCCOB's efforts in rehabilitation.


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In South Africa, we remain concerned about our African penguin population. The 2007 African penguin census counted about 31,000 breeding pairs.  This is only a fraction of the estimated four million penguins at the turn of the 20th century.  Even more alarming is the 2008 census that indicates the entire African penguin population to be only 26 000 breeding pairs.  Factors that caused the decline in the numbers include guano harvesting and egg collection during the 1950's, oil spills and most recently the declining fish availability is seriously threatening the population. 

SANCCOB aims to save the population by rehabilitating sea birds that are affected by oil spills, injured by predators, suffering from illness and hand rearing abandoned chicks.  Scientific research on the local islands has shown that penguins rehabilitated by SANCCOB are successfully breeding in the wild (ref: Mortality and survival of African penguins Spheniscus demersus involved in the Apollo Sea oil spill: an evaluation of rehabilitation efforts; Underhill, Crawford et at).

They also actively share their conservation message with the youth.  Through education SANCCOB helps to develop our youth's ability to deal with environmental challenges and encourage them to take action and make informed decisions.

SANCCOB is a Section 21 Company (Registration Number: 2001/026273/08, Non-profit Organization Number: 003-134 NPO).


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