ewtThe Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) was established in 1973 and is registered as a Non-profit Organisation. The Trust's first fundraising effort was also its founding moment. Clive Walker was inspired to paint a watercolour of a Cheetah, sell 250 signed and numbered copies, and to use this money to help conserve the Cheetah that was, and in some places still is, shot mercilessly.

The founding vision of saving threatened species in a direct, hands-on way and at minimal cost has never been lost. It has however been broadened to include species, their habitats and ecosystems, and the role of surrounding communities and landowners. As Clive, one of the three founding members, puts it: "If the universal slogan was 'Who cares about a rhino anyway?' we would be a short step away from applying that mindless slogan to ourselves."

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Working Groups & Partnerships

EWT's dedicated, specialist Working Groups collectively coordinate over 90 projects throughout southern Africa. These groups focus on specific issues and ecosystems, ranging from saving Humpback Dolphins from shark nets, to raising orphaned Wattled Cranes, conserving wetlands and addressing the irresponsible use of poisons and agro-chemicals.

It has always been EWT's policy to work with partners to turn relevant stakeholders into supporters and colleagues.

Farmers and organisations such as the national electricity utility Eskom and the Airports Company of South Africa, as well as communities and developers are learning that the best solution for the environment is also the best long-term solution for people.

You can help EWT ensure that our eco system and animal life is protected for the benefit of future generations.


For more information on EWT, contact them on 011 486 1102 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.ewt.org.za